When you first sign up with Silversands Casino, there are numerous bonuses available, one of which is a R8,888 Deposit Bonus.  This is how it works:

  1. Make your first deposit a deposit of R1,888 and you’ll receive 100% up to R1,888 free using a special promotion code which you can find on thewebsite when you click on this banner below.
  1. When you make your  second deposit, you must deposit R4,000 in order to receive 75% up to R3,000 free (also using a special promotion code)
  2. The third deposit needs to be an amount of R8,000 and you’ll receive 50% up to R4,000 free How to claim a coupon?


So, now that you know what return you’ll get on your deposits, you may ask yourself how you go about claiming the R8,888.  There are 5 steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Copy the promotion code to notepad, jot it down or just keep it somewhere handy.
  2. Install the Silversands Casino by clicking on the “install” link or “click here to claim”.  Download the software here!
  3. Once you have installed the Casino, filled in your details and are all signed up, you will need to login.
  4. Once you’re successfully logged in, select “Cashier” in the lobby area.
  5. Once you’re in the cashier go to “Redeem Coupon” and fill in your coupon code where it asks for coupon redemption.

It’s as simple as that – download silversands casino now

It’s also important to note that in order to redeem your next coupon, you must have a nil balance as well as no pending withdrawals available.  The wagering requirement is set at 10 times the deposit and bonus received.  Wagering on games such as Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Pontoon and War do not count as fulfilling the wagering requirements.  In addition to this, each R1 wagered on Black Jack and Video Poker will count as 50 cents.

Basic Rules of Silversands Casino Download

Poker is a great game enjoyed by millions worldwide! It’s a game you ultimately play to win, but you always enjoy the process as it tests your poker skill and strategic abilities.

There isn’t only one version of poker – there are in fact several, however, the majority of them adhere to these basic rules:

  1. The ‘Pot’ – all players must contribute chips towards a central ‘pot’ in order to play the hand. Chips are
  2. representative of actual money.
  3. A ‘Hand’ – all the players of the game are dealt cards which are called your ‘hand’. These cards are concealed and are only visible to the players themselves (but not to each other).
  4. Wagers – this is the amount of the bet made and is determined by the strength of the cards in a particular betting round.
  5. Winning – once the betting has taken place, the player with the either the best/strongest hand or the last player left with cards in play – wins.

In any game of poker, it is imperative that the player understands both the deck of cards and the rank of hands. To download poker software, go to SilverSands Poker download.