Online Casino Tournaments


Silversands Online Casino Tournaments allows players with a competitive streak to enter some of the most rewarding competitions in the igaming industry. If you are a fan of slot games, you won’t find anything more intriguing and entertaining than a tournament to test your skills and put you up against other players. We offer a revolutionary system that allows you to make money and redeem points at the same time. Each tournament features an entry fee with a large portion of the money you deposit forming a part of the prize pool. You will also have some money in your Rakeback account.


You will have to stay in front of your computer from the minute the game starts, so you don’t miss out on the action. That being said, each game lasts about 10 minutes, and you’ll have to use the credits awarded to you during gameplay. While your credits will decrease during the game, you will earn points. You are also able to check your current standings during the tournament and see where you stand amongst your competitors. At the end of the game, your results will be posted on the leaderboard.


Players are welcome to check the list of games that are available for the Silversands Online Casino Tournaments. There are quite a few options from which to choose, and if you enjoy playing these games individually, you will definitely enjoy the thrill of playing against fellow casino members for real money in a tournament. But you have to sign up and create an account to take part.



What’s more, we also offer poker tournaments. Slot games attract players for many reasons, including great graphics, incredible animations, innovative features, and plenty of winning opportunities that could see you winning serious money. Some slots are even connected to a major progressive jackpot and can be hit at literally any time, awarding millionaires left, right and centre.


Please keep in mind that you will need to deposit real money to play at these tournaments, although this is expected since you are playing for real money. If you change your mind or are not available during that time, you may withdraw from the competition before it begins and all your money will be refunded. Be sure to check out some of the additional offers and promotions available at Silversands.