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Silversands Casino Keno

Use the R8888 Bonus at Silversands Casino to your advantage, where the payout is 97%, when you try your luck at Keno.


The game can also be played as a jackpot. Meaning the amount just keeps increasing until the game is won. If winning big is your sport, then the Keno jackpot at Silversands Casino may just be the one for you.

The maximum payout at Silversands Casino for Keno is R250,000. Winnings are capped at this amount for all single games. This amount can also be viewed on the game screen as well.

Playing Keno

The best way to win is by understanding the rules. In this gamble, you get a grid with numbers 1-80 from which you can choose a sum. This part of the game is referred to as ‘spots’. After which players get to place their wager.

From the 80 numbers, our Random Number Generator (RNG) selects 20. Which calculates how much a player wins depending on how many of their numbers go with the randomly generated digits. Players can double-check their displayed winnings from the screen.

Keno Interface Explained

  • Making up the middle part of the window is the Keno grid, with numbers 1 to 80.
  • To place a wager, left click or go to the top right of the card.
  • To choose your numbers, left click. Click again to deselect.
  • The paytable is characterised by the odds. The total paid is the bet times the odds.
  • The ‘Clear’ tab eliminates all selected numbers.
  • The ‘Quick Pick’ tab selects 10 numbers.
  • ‘Play RRR’ draws and rolls out the winning numbers.

How Keno Came to Be

One may consider the game as the outlaw of all casino games. The benefits to the players and the house are one of the reasons it has been banned as many times as it has. It’s also why its reappearance is a constant occurrence.

Keno is a game from ancient Asia. It was used as a game of war and made popular by the Han Dynasty, before Christ. After the government raised a great deal of funds using the game, it was also used to build the Great Wall of China. Only for it to be banned in China by the end of the 18th century.

It saw a return in America, Texas, in the 19th century with employment seekers. Until it was outlawed again. Which also did not last long as it made its comeback in the 1980s and hasn’t left the gambling scenes since.

At Silversands Casino, Keno is one of the popular games. Our gameplay is easy to understand. Making it easy for novice players to learn fast from our demo game, before placing a real money bet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Keno

With all things gambling-related, there’s always a plus and a minus with each game on the table, or online or in land-based casinos. Regardless of where you’re planning on playing Keno, here are some things to consider about the game.

There are many game variantsThe game is highly addictive
Most online casinos offer bonuses and promotionsPayouts can take a while
It’s easily accessibleLacking social element
Play for smaller stakes 


Playing Keno resembles the Lotto in the way that it’s played. Players get to choose the numbers they want, and a Random Number Generator determines if they win or not, according to the numbers it brings up. The more numbers a player guesses right, the higher the payout.

All you have to do is place your bet and select your numbers. To deselect numbers, just click on it again. Silversands Casino makes playing Keno easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

On which days do Keno draws take place?

Keno draws happen daily and as frequently as every few minutes.

How do I play Keno at Silversands Casino?

Choose a betting amount and then select your numbers between 1 and 15. Or let the ‘Quick Pick’ button do the selection. The numbers will be drawn and displayed.

What is the minimum amount that I can wager for at Silversands Casino?

At Silversands Casino, wagering for Keno starts at R1 and goes up to R10.